This week it was time to start  the “replace” stage of my protocol , so I have switched my supplements and have been experimenting with a few different ones. I have felt pretty good, I have had a little bloating once or twice but nothing serious. I am still enjoying every meal and I’m having fun cooking new recipes. I have also included some new lifestyle choices to help the healing process as follows::

Shivam Yoga - a philosophical and therapeutic system combining psychology and science. These classes incorporate meditation, breathing techniques, relaxation, stretching, balance and strength. I attended two classes this week and felt pretty amazing afterwards. I’m hoping this will help my healing process.

Mind Calm – I attended a very enjoyable full day class with John G Coaching. It helped me to understand how to get the most out of meditation with a few simple techniques. Meditation helps us to stay in the parasympathetic nervous system. In our  modern  stressful world it is all too easy to get stuck  in the sympathetic nervous system, which is our flight or fight mode, and when  this happens, our digestive activity is inhibited. Over a long period of time this can have a negative effect on our adrenal glands and can lead to adrenal fatigue. Helping our bodies to stay in the parasympathetic nervous system will keep our digestive systems functioning well and help us to heal at a quicker rate.


  • I took a trip to Connolly’s Fishmonger and was lucky that they had my favourite: ray cheeks. They are tender and  juicy and have a nice mild flavour. “The mozzarella of the sea” I like to call them. They are easy to cook  and also inexpensive and so I managed to produce 3 meals for €6.00   As a tasty accompaniment I made stuffed peppers -  recipe below!

  • This week using the duck stock I  made a roasted Mediterranean vegetable soup with shiitake mushrooms & rosemary, which went down a treat.   


  • I was invited to a play a board game in a friend’s house on Friday but didn’t realise it was actually a dinner party too. My friend made a really nice effort to buy and make food I could eat. I felt like I was a fussy teenager again. They were all interested to hear why I was munching on Cajun chicken drumsticks while they enjoyed a tasty looking mushroom risotto.  I had told the hostess in advance that I could eat cheese that had been matured for over a month, but for some reason she thought I said 2 years. She managed to find one cheese in Fallon and Byrne that had been matured for over 2 years which was very expensive.  It was so strong it made my mouth tingle but I enjoyed the experience. I allowed myself to have one glass of dry white wine this evening, and savoured every drop.



  • I made an interesting  egg dish at the weekend with grated courgette, olives, mushrooms and thyme. It was like a frittata but I kept the eggs whole.


  • At my butcher’s on Saturday I got some lamb bones for stock and also bought a mix of wild game which included venison, mallard, partridge, rabbit and pheasant. I cooked this in my slow cooker for 5 hours in the lamb stock with a tomato passata, carrot, olives, chilli, orange & lemon zest, cinnamon, rosemary & thyme.


  • To finish off I treated myself to a paleo muffin, made with coconut flour, courgette, maple syrup, cocoa & vanilla.



On waking

  • A. Vogel , Milk thistle -  tincture to support my liver.

  • DoTerra, Grapefruit essential oil - to stimulate my digestive system.

  • Diet Horizon, Shiitake mushroom - to help balance bacteria in the gut and keep the candida at bay


30 minutes before every meal to stimulate and assist digestion.


  • DoTerra , DigestZen essential oil - which is a blend of ginger, peppermint, caraway seed, coriander seed, anise seed, fennel seed & tarragon.

  • Solgar Comfort Zone digestive complex.

  • Nature’s Answer, Bitters and ginger herbal combination.

  • Pukka, Clean Greens - wheatgrass, nettle, parsley, spirulina, chlorella, kale and green tea.




I tried Living Nutrition Candi-x which is made from fermented garlic, clove and some other anti-candida herbs but it seemed to have a negative effect on my digestion,  possibly from the garlic,  so I stopped it. I am now taking Optibac extra strength and Optibac saccharomyces boulardii to replenish my gut flora.

Before Bed

Nordic Naturals, fish oil omega 3-6-9 with vitamin D3 – anti-inflammatory.

DoTerra frankincense - anti-inflammatory.


It is taking a bit of time to get used to all the different supplements and I’m a little worried I didn't stay in the “remove” stage long enough. It is so difficult to know as I’m not sure if my bloating was due to the few mushrooms I ate or if it was a reaction to the probiotics. Either way it could mean I still have SIBO or I haven’t killed enough of the bad bacteria in my gut. I guess I need to keep going and see what happens. I am going to take some antifungals now and again, just to be sure.

I have to say, the yoga and the meditation class have put me in great place. Just knowing I am doing more for my health feels awesome.

Lime Marinated Ray Cheeks with Stuffed Peppers

Serves 2

Ray Cheeks

Approx. 18 ray cheeks

3 limes

½ tsp dried chilies

A few sprigs of coriander, minced

Salt & pepper




2 large peppers, cut lengthways and deseeded

2 medium courgettes, grated

½ cup chestnut mushrooms, roughly chopped

¼ cup olives, diced

Zest of ¼ lemon and a little squeeze of juice.

½ cup rocket

A few gratings of parmesan cheese

Season with salt and pepper




  1. Place the ray cheeks in a small bowl and cover with lime juice. Add the remaining ingredients with a little seasoning of salt and pepper.  Cover and put into the fridge for an hour or two.

  2. Roast the peppers for about 25 mins in a preheated oven at 180.

  3. Meanwhile, add a little oil or butter to a saucepan and add the courgette and mushroom. Cook on medium heat for about 8 mins.

  4. Add the remaining ingredients and incorporate well.

  5. When the peppers are ready stuff them with the mixture and grate some parmesan cheese over the top.

  6. Take the ray cheeks out of the fridge and turn the oven down to 170. Place the ray cheeks with the marinade in a small roasting dish and bake in the oven with the peppers for about 15 minutes. They won’t need to cook for long as the lime will have already started the process. Take care not to  overcook them as they won’t be as tender  -

  7. they should be ready to come out of the oven at the same time as the peppers.

  8. Serve with some rocket on the side.