Another fulfilling week enjoying my food and feeling great! This is my last week on my “remove” stage. I’ve been taking my essential oils 3 times daily and believe I have removed what I needed to from my digestive tract.

A few small lifestyle things I added this week were:

  1. Oil pulling with coconut oil. This is an old ayurvedic practice which helps draw toxins out of the mouth.  On an empty stomach 1 tablespoon of coconut oil is swished around the mouth for 20 mins and spat out. I did this 5 times this week and my mouth feels super clean.
  2. I was advised to get my lymphatic system flowing to expel toxins, so I jumped up and down vigorously a few times every day.
  3. I also watched a talk explaining how important the brain is in curing SIBO. If the ileocecal valve (the valve between the large and small intestine) is not working properly, it can stay open and let the bacteria from the large intestine seep into the small intestine. It is helpful to stimulate the vagus nerve in order to get the ileocecal valve operating correctly, as it controls functions in the body that are not under voluntary control. One way of doing this is gargling. So once a day I gargled when drinking some water.
  4. I also had a professional massage which was very beneficial. Not only does it relieve tension, it helps to release toxins from the body, gets the lymphatic system flowing and stimulates the vagus nerve.

I ate some interesting and tasty food this week.

  • I reintroduced mushrooms (FODMAP), as they are known to be immune boosters and help fight candida. I also LOVE them! I roasted some chicken legs with red peppers, shiitake mushrooms and tomatoes, blended the veg and used it as a sauce. I felt absolutely fine after eating this. (recipe at the end)


  • I made a slow cooked lamb stew with beetroot, peppers, aubergine, courgette, clove, cinnamon and star anise. To be honest this has been my least favourite meal so far. I probably should have stuck to a traditional Irish stew without the potatoes! But it was still fun being creative and the spices used are great for killing candida.  I used some chicken feet I bought in the Polish shop beside me to make the stock more gelatinous. (They didn’t know where this chicken came from, so I would not buy it again).
  • I cooked some mince beef with a chicken liver in lamb stock, grated courgette and a small amount of a jalfrezi cashew sauce.
  • At the weekend I roasted a duck with beetroot, lemon, shiitake mushrooms, a yellow pepper and a courgette. I made a gravy out of the fat, courgette, mushrooms, pepper, lemon juice and thyme.


  • I made stock in my slow cooker with the duck carcass and two free range chicken carcasses I was given in my butcher’s. I make sure I am eating bone broth every day, if not twice, as the gelatin helps heal and seal the gut, it helps builds the immune system and it is also an anti-inflammatory.


  • There was a good amount of meat on the bones so when the stock was ready I had pieces of duck and chicken to go into my turmeric & ginger pumpkin soup. I am trying to incorporate a lot of turmeric into my diet as it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory.


  • This week I also managed to make sauerkraut with green cabbage, beetroot, carrot, ginger and star anise. I will leave this fermenting for about 3 weeks so it will be ready by the time I start introducing fermented foods.


  • For my Sunday dinner I made quail egg á la Nicky. I deep fried a big piece of celeriac in the duck fat, fried a few quail eggs, and placed them on top of the celeriac. I had that with a few strips of leftover duck breast with the gravy which I blended with some beetroot to make it more appetising and nutritious.  This was one of my favourite meals so far. As you can see from my diet, eating fat does not make you fat! Our bodies need healthy fats to absorb certain nutrients such as fat soluble vitamins A D E & K. I am not too worried about over consuming cholesterol either as our bodies make approx 90% of our cholesterol, mainly from being stressed, over consuming alcohol, sugars and refined carbohydrates.



Another great week of feeling motivated, dedicated and healthy. I have had very few digestive complaints, and have been in great form throughout. I have been waking up just before my alarm every morning and don’t feel like snoozing (which I would have done most mornings in the past).

I am still quite tempted by a lot of foods surrounding me, chips, milk in coffee, cake to name a few but it’s good to know that my next meal will satisfy me just as much.

I was at a christening on Saturday and had to bring my own soup, as I wasn’t able to eat any of the food. But this is something I have accepted now. It means being very organised but it was good to have my soup to enjoy while everyone else was tucking into their sandwiches and platters. People often ask me about my diet when I’m out as they obviously think it’s a little odd that I’m refusing everything and opening a thermos of soup. Some people are very interested in what I’m doing and want to hear more about it, and some people hear the word “gut” and want me to stop talking.

I ate quite a lot of meat this week and fish only once. I think I will need to eat more fish this week because Omega-3 fats play a very important role as anti-inflammatories.

I’m looking forward to the next stage now. There will be quite a few more supplements to remember to take, but I am hoping I will start to feel even better when these give my liver and digestive system a boost.


Curried chicken drumsticks with vegetable gravy

2 sweet red peppers

8-10 cherry tomatoes

100g shiitake mushrooms

Chicken drumsticks

Curry powder

Olive oil


  1. Half the peppers, deseed them and place the tomatoes and mushrooms inside and around the peppers with some salt. Place them underneath the grill pan.
  2. Rub a about a teaspoon of the curry powder on the drumsticks with olive oil and a pinch of salt. Put them on top of the grill pan over the veg so the fat can drip on to the veg.
  3. Roast in a preheated oven at 180c for 35-40 mins.
  4. When it’s ready, place all the veg in a blender with the fat and a herb of choice to make a sauce.
  5. Serve with the sauce poured on top, or use as a dipping sauce.