I am now finished my second week of my protocol and I am already feeling a sense of achievement. 


I am still takingmy essential oils morning, afternoon and before bed. I'm switching between oregano, basil and thyme as I'm afraid the candida might become resistant to the oregano. I sometimes feel a warmth going through me, especially when I use clove and cinnamon, I'm guessing this is normal. I am also using Frankincense oil as an anti-inflammatory.


I allow myself to have one bulletproof coffee per day. Other than that, I have one cup of green tea and lots of water. I've been meaning to visit Wall & Keogh tea shop to find some nice healing teas. 


  • I brought some of my roast chicken to work and had that and the last of my soup with kale for lunch.
  • I was in such a rush from work to a talk I was going to, I literally had to eat a cold leg of chicken from the fridge. I would have been pretty lost without it!


  • lunch was loaded with vitamins and minerals; kale, golden beet and daikon radish salad.
  • I heated up the last of the chicken and mixed it in with the gravy and some baby spinach.


  • My mum wanted to take me out to dinner with my sister, so I had to think carefully about where I would be able to eat. I chose Rustic Stone. I definitely wasn't the easiest customer to please, but it certainly was a good choice. The menu is meticulously detailed in its description of ingredients used, and the stone allows you to cook the food just as you like it.  I ordered the tuna steak on the stone, which came with hazelnut crumb and mixed herbs. I also ordered a fennel and confit lemon side. The meal was well presented and everything was delicious.

  • I took the beef stock out of the freezer to make soup tomorrow.


  • I put the chicken bones in my slow cooker to make some chicken stock.

  • I made spinach soup with the beef stock, garlic and onion infused oil, roasted celeriac, peppers, nutmeg, basil and lemon juice.

  • While I was roasting the veg I went to Connollys fishmongers in Rathmines and picked up Dublin Bay prawns, a small piece of monkfish, a herring, 3 sardines and some anchovies. It all came to €16 which is not dear considering I got 4 meals out of it. Smaller oily fish are by far the best when it comes to nutrition, less mercury and plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. They are also very inexpensive.  When choosing fish, I always go for wild caught. Farmed fish, especially prawns, contain pesticides and antibiotics. They also have lower amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and protein.

  • When I got home all I had to do was heat up the stock, add the spinach and blend it with the roasted veg. I pan seared the monkfish with some prawns and added it to some of the soup for dinner. I wouldn't usually buy monkfish because it's so expensive, but I had a friend calling over and thought it would be a nice treat for us.

  • We also had a slice of pumpkin cake made with ground almonds and coconut flour.


  • I had the spinach soup with prawns in it for lunch, and a banana pancake for dessert!

  • For dinner I made a proper Mediterranean dish, which took about 15 minutes to prepare. I pan fried the herring and sardines with fennel seeds and lemon zest, while cooking chopped courgette, red pepper, aubergine, tomato and thyme in a little chicken stock that I had just taken off the heat. I added olives, capers, lemon and chives for garnish. What a super quick, healthy, tasty meal! 


  • I made a fabulous frittata, with grated courgette, red pepper, tomato, basil, chives, olives and parmesan. When I was whisking up my four eggs I decided to put some chicken stock in to make it even more tasty and nutritious. I put it under the grill to finish it off! I ate some and kept the rest till a bit later. 
  • A friend called over for tea, but when he arrived we were both so hungry, we decided to go to Joe Burger. I had a bare lamb burger with brie, a roasted pepper and salad. They were very accommodating and even gave me oil and vinegar, as they didn't want to put dressing on the salad because they use sugar. Very enjoyable! 


  • I made so much of the spinach soup, I had 2 bowls of it with toasted almonds and a small grating of cheddar cheese.
  • I also had my favourite; Boiled eggs!

Conclusion week 2

I am wondering if much is happening at all, because most people would suffer from a "die off" at this stage. When pathogens are being killed in the gut they produce toxins which can cause some pretty nasty symptoms. I've been feeling great! I haven't been bloated, my mood has elevated, I'm full of energy and I'm sleeping really well. The only negative symptom I have is that I've been blowing my nose quite a bit. I'm not sure what this means! I'm hoping it's my body getting rid of any infections. 

I've been totally satisfied with my diet so far, I know it's restricting but it helps me to be creative with my cooking. Everything I have eaten has been super tasty. I think the most difficult moments are when I have to take cookies out of the oven at work.  But if  I can resist warm chewy oat cookie then I am confident that I can resist anything!

I'm still extremely motivated and have really enjoyed my weekend working on my clients’ protocols, walking and bathing in an Epsom Salt bath with essential oils.