• I eliminated sugar  from my diet.

  • I went to Lawlors butchers, they didn't have any bone marrow so I bought oxtail and put it in my slow cooker for 24 hours along with some small beef bones.

  • I also bought 2 onions and a head of garlic and made infused oil as the fructans (FODMAPs) do not seep into the oil as they would do into water.



  • I eliminated milk and gluten from my diet.

  • I had a friend come over to cook for me that evening. He made sea trout with slow roasted cherry tomatoes with ginger and cinnamon, and a butternut squash puree, yum!

  • I introduced the essential oils.

  • I took the beef stock out of the slow cooker, froze one jar and kept one to make soup tomorrow.


  • I eliminated all grains, starchy veg and high FODMAP foods from my diet.

  • I ate my oxtail for lunch

  • I made a big batch of butternut squash, ginger and chilli soup with the beef stock and infused oil. I toasted almonds and garnished it with coriander for dinner.


  • I have all other foods eliminated as necessary.

  • Soup for lunch.

  • My friend cooked me dinner. Sirloin steak with tomatoes, spinach and olives with celeriac chips, which was fab.


  • I ate the oxtail for lunch  

  • At about 3pm I had a banana pancake, which is just made with banana, egg, salt and cinnamon. 

  • Soup with toasted almonds and coriander for dinner.


  • I woke and went for brunch in BiBi’s café with a friend. I was pretty nervous about going anywhere for food but I was pleasantly surprised at how I managed.

  • I ordered the eggs benedict with bacon, spinach with hollandaise on roasted butternut squash instead of bread. It was very tasty.

  • I ate the very last of the oxtail and had a bowl of soup with it.


  • After breakfast I went for a long walk and there was a plan to go for food or a coffee afterwards. I heated up my soup and brought it in a thermos flask just in case I got hungry.

  • When I got home I roasted a chicken, stuffed it with grated courgette, spinach, lemon zest, herbs and grated Comté cheese, roasted a beetroot, tomato and courgette and blended that with the fat from the chicken, with herbs and lemon juice to make gravy. It turned out rather soup-like!

  • I also stopped into the chemist today and weighed myself out of curiosity. I weigh 61kilos!! It will be interesting to see if my weight changes while on my diet.

Week 1 conclusion

I’m really pleased with how It went. I have enjoyed all my meals thoroughly and I have felt great. I had a little digestive discomfort on Thursday evening, possibly from eating a big rare steak which I wouldn’t do very often. I have had good energy although I have gotten a little light headed when standing up too quickly a few times. I am waiting to see if I will suffer from a “die-off”. When yeasts die off they can cause flu like symptoms.