We are excited to announce that Move Nourish Shine will be hosting a special morning event in the Lantern Centre, Synge St on the 25 November 2017


Caroline McMullen (The Health Pixie) will take you an a beautiful journey of breath and movement, stretches and smiles in a gentle yet uplifting Vinyasa flow Heart Opening class allowing the beautiful practice of Yoga to both ground and elevate your being. <3


Head Cleaner Meditation 

We are delighted to have an amazing guest, Geoff Fitzpatrick. He will be guiding you through a new form of meditation called head cleaner. This is an active guided visualisation blending pattern, breath and focus

Enjoy this easy guided meditation. Simply harnessing the power of your breath and directing your focus can induce higher states of consciousness.

The world we experience is a direct reflection of our inner state. Head Cleaner helps change and elevate the quality of your inner state and invites a harmonious sense of wellbeing.

head cleaner.jpg


After all the blissful yoga and meditation, Nicky Halliday will be serving up a mouth watering healthy lunch, and demonstrating a dairy free alternative to cream. She will discuss the ingredients, how the food was prepared and its health benefits. If any one has questions to ask her about the lunch or nutrition in general, we will have a nice discussion.

Head shot Pixie.jpeg

Caroline McMullen is a certified Yoga teacher and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for Yoga. She has been holding healing workshops for the last number of years and really enjoys creating a safe and nurturing space for people to come and get in touch with their inner worlds. She originally studied Holistic therapies in Dun Laoghaire Senior College and Nutrition in CNM, which was the beginning of her exploration into wellness. She believes in the union of Mind, Body and Soul for ultimate Health and Wellbeing and finds great joy in helping others on their path.


Nicky Halliday studied Culinary Arts in a holistic nutrition school in California. This professional training focused on cooking for optimum health while using alternative ingredients. As Nicky is also a qualified nutritional therapist, she dedicates her time to preparing dishes that can be adapted to everybody's health requirements. Her food is not only bursting with nutrients but it tastes delicious too. Nicky has been working as head chef for The Hopsack Health Store for 3 years, so she has plenty of experience nourishing her customers. Nicky has held successful workshops, given cookery demonstrations and nutrition talks and loves to share her knowledge with eager people.

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Geoff Fitzpatrick has spent the past 15 years exploring the intersection of geometry, spirituality and psychology. Working with mandalas has opened him to the profound power geometry possesses to influence states of consciousness. The construction of sacred sand mandalas during Geoff’s Mandala Nature sessions opens people to a deeper aspect of themselves by blending creativity, geometry and mindfulness in a unique and special way. In addition to his B.A. studies at Trinity College and the Milltown Institute, Geoff recently certified with the Grof Transpersonal Training program and is a qualified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator.


The event costs €45.00 to be paid in cash on the day.

We have many people interested in this event, so it is advisable to book your spot by sending a message to https://www.facebook.com/movenourishshine/

If you have booked your spot and are unable to attend, please let us know as there is a waiting list for this this event.

If you have a yoga mat, you can bring it along, if not we can supply one for you. Feel free to bring any pillows. cushions or blankets that will make you feel comfortable. We will also have some comforts for you :)

We are really looking forward to sharing our unique event with you.

<3 Caroline & Nicky