Dancing with the moon WOMEN'S gathering

17-19 May 2019

Monalea Barn, Co. Wicklow

Monalea Barn, Co. Wicklow


Nicky Halliday and Pernille Leth Villumsem have joined forces to create a truly unique women’s gathering which will nourish your mind, body and soul through movement, music, meditation complimented by the healthiest tastiest vegan food. This retreat will leave you feeling re-energised, relaxed, glowing and ready to embark on a new healthier lifestyle.

Monalea barn is a stunning rural retreat, only an hour from Dublin, which is nestled in a quiet valley high in the southern reach of the Wicklow mountains at the foot of Croghan hill. With long sandy beaches nearby and lots of trekking and forests, it’s a complete escape from everyday life.

Yoga and Meditation room

Yoga and Meditation room



While Pernille takes you on a physical and spiritual journey in the heart of the barn, Nicky will be preparing the most sumptuous banquets of delicious gourmet vegan food designed to complement these classes and your sense of well-being. You'll rest well in the comfort of the bedrooms after your day full of deeply relaxing activities, good food and bonding with warm like-minded women.

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Pernille is a RYT500 certified yoga instructor with experience from all over the world. She started teaching in Denmark in 2015 and has been on quite a journey ever since - from the Himalayas in India to the Mexican desert learning from the leading yoga teachers in the world. She has a profound passion for the practice that shines through in her classes, which are always very heartfelt and carefully instructed. She teaches a variety of classes from hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga to yin. Her main intention in every class is the sharing of the beauty of movement and stillness as a way to dive deeper into the body and into the mind. Her knowledge about sequencing, anatomy and philosophy builds a foundation for her students to have a safe space to explore themselves.

Lately, she has dived deeper into her own meditation practice in the course of a 10-day meditation practice in Sweden. She has experienced the transformational benefits of quieting down the mind and she facilitates different meditations, as well as yoga nidra and intention setting workshops. Since May 2018, Pernille has been teaching yoga six times a week at Farm of Life in Costa Rica, where she has helped many guests improve their physical and mental well being.

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Nicky studied Culinary Arts in a holistic nutrition school in California. This professional training focused on cooking delicious nourishing food for optimum health. As Nicky is also a qualified nutritional therapist, she dedicates her time to preparing dishes that can be adapted to everybody's health requirements. Her food is not only bursting with nutrients, it tastes delicious too. Nicky started the fresh food deli in The Hopsack Health Store and worked as the head chef there for 3.5 years.

Since then she decided to go on an adventure to Central America where she has gained so much experience working as head chef at Farm of Life healing retreat centre in Costa Rica. Nicky learned a new way to live & heal, connecting to nature and practising meditation. She experienced wonderful openings working with plant medicine, including cacao. As she has spent many years DJing in Dublin, she naturally took a big interest in cacao ceremonies with chakra dancing. She believes this is a powerful tool to help open the heart and still the mind aided by cacao, music and movement.

Nicky has held successful workshops & retreats and loves to share her knowledge with eager people. Her creative energy, passion for her work & her heart intention shines through to create beautiful gatherings for people to enjoy and leave bursting with inspiration.


Nicky and Pernille have been on their journey together at Farm of Life since May 2018, and they look forward to sharing some of their magical journey with you in the beautiful surroundings of Ireland.

Croghan Hill

What can i expect at monalea?



What a great way to reconnect in with the body and give it love! For this retreat, Pernille will be teaching a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin & Acro Yoga. We will start each morning with a vinyasa style yoga class to waken our bodies and set the intention for the day. Pernille’s classes typically start with a short meditation, some breath work and a sequence of different postures that explores both strength, balance and flexibility. She will guide us into different movements in a safe, creative and playful manner, so that we can go into a journey of self-discovery on the mat. The class will finish with a guided relaxation in shavasana, which will help us quiet the mind. All levels are welcome!

Full Moon Workshop

Working with the moon can be a powerful way to manifest goals and dreams. In this workshop, we will dig deeper into the theory behind the different moon phases and give you practical tools to set intentions for your life. On this weekend the moon will be full and radiating divine feminine energy for all of us to work with. Full moon is a good time to let go of things that may be blocking us from manifesting our ideal lives.

Cacao Ceremony with Chakra Dance

On Saturday we will be offering a cacao ceremony to awaken your senses and embark on an eclectic musical dancing journey! We will discuss the wonders of cacao and the importance of opening the main energy points in the body. Nicky will play some enthralling music that will have you captured beautifully in the present moment. We will be shaking off any blocks we might have, mental or emotional, feel our vibration raise as we let the melodies and beats carry us away! 

Connecting to Nature

We will lead a hike in the beautiful Wicklow mountains for you to soak in the picturesque landscapes & immerse yourselves in the wondrous nature of Ireland.


3 pm Arrival

 Welcome Circle, Tea & Treat


Bonding Activities & Meditation



8am Yoga with Pernille


 Hike in Nature

 Light Lunch

Cacao Ceremony


Full Moon Workshop around Bonfire



8am yoga


12.30  Closing Circle


Price for full weekend    €320

Early Bird €295 first 4 to book

Enquiries & Bookings  Nicky +353 877541993  hello@nickyhalliday.comPernille +45 21200308 pernillelvillumsen@gmail.com


Prices include accommodation, classes and all meals