Cookery Classes


I am offering cookery classes to anyone who would like to learn more about healthy eating. I have plenty of tips about what food to cook and how to cook it to ensure the food is as nutritious as possible.

You have the option of coming grocery shopping with me, which I would recommend, to gain knowledge on how to pick out the best foods. If you choose not to come shopping I will come to your house with the groceries we will need, and I will go through the recipes step by step to ensure you will have more confidence in the kitchen. 

I have many varied dishes and can work with any special diets you may require. If you would like to learn how to cook a specific cuisine I am trained in Mediterranean, Indian, Thai, Japanese, North American, Middle East, Latin American and many diets including plant-based, gut health, heart health, paleo, GAPS, vegetarian, heart health, vegan, low GI, weight loss, weight management diets and detox diets. 



If you would like to gain more experience about a healthy diet and cooking healthy food, get great tips and feel more confident in the kitchen contact Nicky to make an appointment.

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