Nicky Halliday, Natural Chef

Nicky grew up in a family where there was always good food on the table. She was inspired by her father who loved to cook at home and always created new appealing dishes for her family and friends. Nicky started to explore the world of cookery herself at an early age. She entered The Irish Bord Iascaigh Mhara Fish Cookery challenge and came third in Ireland. Ever since then she has been spending many hours in a kitchen of her own experimenting and producing tasty food for people. 

Her interest in nutrition was awakened when she travelled around the world and explored many other cuisines that different cultures were enjoying. When she arrived back in Ireland, she decided to study Nutritional Therapy with The Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health. Nicky was fascinated by what she learned about the connection between what we consume and our health. When Nicky passed her Nutritional Therapy course with distinction she decided that she wanted to bring together her love for cooking and her knowledge of nutrition. When she came across Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts she knew she had to move to Berkeley, California to continue her education. Here Nicky learned not only about nutrition but how to cook healthy meals designed to create optimal health. This qualification has set her up to become a personal chef for people who are suffering from illnesses or for people who don't have time to cook for themselves and their family.

After her studies in Berkeley she was asked to start up the fresh food deli in The Hopsack Health Food Store in Dublin. Nicky created the delicious healthy menu and worked as head chef here for 3.5 years. Since then she decided to go on an adventure to Central America where she has gained so much experience working as head chef at Farm of Life healing retreat centre in Costa Rica. Nicky learned a new way to live & heal, connecting to nature and practising meditation. She experienced wonderful openings working with plant medicine, including cacao. As she has spent many years DJing in Dublin, she naturally took a big interest in cacao ceremonies with chakra dancing. She believes this is a powerful tool to help open the heart and still the mind aided by cacao, music and movement.

Nicky has held successful workshops & retreats and loves to share her knowledge with eager people. Her creative energy, passion for her work & her heart intention shines through to create beautiful gatherings for people to enjoy and leave bursting with inspiration.


I am really delighted with all my good food! I love everything you cooked for me and it is so good being able to eat well and within my diet restrictions. I am very grateful to you indeed. You are a pleasure!



I have tried many different avenues to help my problems with my skin as well as my diet but found Nicky amazing. Her advice on nutrition and passion for food and recipes was so impressive. She was genuine and catered for my individual needs when it came to designing a daily menu plan and also advising on numerous remedies. I'm enjoying trying out new food knowing its health benefits while tasting delicious. Nicky is so talented and passionate it almost makes healthy food sound exciting. I would recommend her anyday!!!!

Caroline Mcbride


Nicky cooked for a group of us last Saturday and she managed to exceed our already high expectations! The food was healthy, delicious and very inventive. It was difficult to believe that the dessert contained no sugar, it certainly didn't taste that way! And the chocolate afterwards was so decadent but again she had used raw ingredients. The beef was succulent and the stuffed tomato with goats cheese was the perfect accompaniment. A personal fave were the raw crackers at the start! Thanks Nicky, looking forward to the next one.


Delish food quality made by a superb professional! Organise your finest parties/ dinners with Nicky. She's the best!!


So having heard nothing but good stories from friends for so long I finally got so see and (more importantly taste!) what all the fuss was about....I wasn't disappointed! Having initially consulted with guests to determine any dietary requirements Nicky served up course after course of incredible food (the baba ganoush, roasted aubergine with buttermilk and pomegranate and the homemade chocolates being personal favs) all paired with a great selection of wines. Preparing that many courses for a party that size (9 in total) can't be too easy but Nicky's professionalism and culinary knowledge and expertise made it all possible. Great work!



Absolutely superb lady and amazing chef! Couldn't be happier eating Nicky's delicious creations!



What an incredible experience. Three weeks later and I still feel the warmth and refreshment that I received from going to this retreat. I still feel so much lighter and more at peace. The food was delicious and every meal was prepared with love and care. I 100% recommend Move Nourish and Shine. The atmosphere created made each of us feel so welcome and comfortable. The girls went out of their way to engage us and encourage those of us with little experience. There was no pressure to do anything we felt uncomfortable doing. I loved every second and am already looking forward to the next one!



I highly recommend Move Nourish Shine with dream team Nicky and Caroline. Monalea barn is a stunning location. There was a big open roaring fire there to greet us Friday evening when we arrived and it pretty much was kept lit the entire weekend. It gave it a gorgeous warm feel and along with the lovely aromas of incense essential oils, it made me feel instantly at home and very cosy. The meditation and yoga activities were very inclusive and Caroline was extremely attentive and I really learned a massive amount. She introduced us to the world of sacred geometry and mandalas too! It definitely broadened my horizons! A real high point for me was the simply stunning food. The granola, soup, turmeric milk, homemade almond milk were just a few of my highlights. Also Nicky gave us a really great talk that was very enjoyable as we were all chatting so much. I can't say enough about it, it was a really great weekend, thanks Nicky and Caroline!



Amazing weekend. From start to finish, it was clear how much thought Nicky and Caroline put into making sure we all had a relaxing experience. I definitely will be going to another Move, Nourish, Shine weekend. Delicious food, inspiring workshops, great company - definitely recommend to anyone looking for a few days to disconnect from modern life and to learn how to reconnect with your body, mind and soul



Having done yoga classes for a few years it was my first yoga/meditation retreat it really blew my mind. I was learning so much about new areas of meditation, food was so healthy and excellent from natural chef/nutritionist Nicky!❣️Caroline (tiny Pixie) opened new world of my mind, how to relax and be mindful in new ways from dance to creativity!Beautiful setting as well in Wicklow right in the middle of nature and with a cosy fire inside

Thanks again girls!



Just back from this beautiful retreat with Nikki and Caroline and still shining! Wonderful healthy food, yoga, meditation, dance, mandala workshops, great company and beautiful location. Probably over all the most relaxing and transformative retreat I have ever been on and I've been on a few. I will definitely be back for more next time. Thanks again Nikki and Caroline xx



My very first nutritional/meditation workshop retreat and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Tuning off from daily stress and tuning in with the best organizers/practitioners Nicky and Caroline. Beside their loving nature and their deep knowledge of nutritional foods and yoga practice - they bring you so much more value when creating a safe space for everyone involved. The soulful journey goes even deeper when taking part of meditation workshops that will help you understand so much more about yourself and all the why's.

I can guarantee - you will shine from all nourishing foods and peaceful movements. (Whether you know it or not). And, it might be a start of a totally new outlook - allow yourself, you are worth it.

This is definitely not the last time doing a retreat together with Move Nourish Shine.

Thank you Nicky & Caroline!